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See Things Differently & The Zimmers

If you’re wondering what the hot Internet Topics of the day are, or which artistes you need to keep an eye on check out You will see The Zimmers there at Number 9. Take a look at their MySpace and wait for this to hit the mainstream. According to the most popular ‘adds’ in their music category are:

  1. Internet radio dealt severe blow as Copyright Board rejects appeal
  2. Discover New Music – Pandora
  3. Pearls Before Breakfast –
  4. The Shins – Blogotheque: Take Away Shows!
  5. Last.FM – Your personal online radio station.
  6. VIRB.
  7. imeem

With two links to stories about the US copyright tribunal imposing higher tariffs on webcasts, plus links to Pandora and, it is apparent this is an extremely popular story. Perhaps a sign that the US record labels have badly misjudged both the popularity of these services and the backlash they may face. Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before.

& check out The Shins – they’re rapidly appearing in many of the music blog searches and Social Network sites.


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