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What Are The Top Music Applications

I saw this research and it was no shock to see Windows, Real & iTunes so high. However, what really catches the eye are the high numbers of people with RecordNow and Nero and to a lesser extent Creative Media Source. If you’re not aware of these applications, they offer music consumers ways to rip, store, burn and share music. RecordNow even offers the feature to record any stream, that is, radio streams that are supposedly ‘not recordable’. It’s clear that despite the iPod being far and away the most popular hardware device, people are using professional software to manage their MP3 collections, using features that are not strictly “Record Industry friendly”. Be aware, as an artiste, that your fans are going to find a myriad of ways to listen and share your music – you’re far better off trying to facilitate this than prevent it. Offer music in MP3, in high bit rates and with all ID tags present and correct.

Top Digital Music Applications, By Installation Percentage

1. Windows Media Player (66.9%)
2. RealPlayer (39.4%)
3. iTunes (26.8%)
4. RecordNow (23.1%)
5. Nero & Nero Ultra (19.5%)
6. MusicMatch (11.5%)
7. WinAmp (10.1%)
8. MSN Music Assistant (8.7%)
9. Rhapsody (8.7%)
10. Creative MediaSource (6.5%)

This research first appeared in Digital Daily News


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