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Fancorps: An Online Street Team In Seconds

Fancorps claims to provide an artiste/manager with the ability to create their own street team in minutes, and provide them with all the tools necessary to do the job properly. It provides a way to send out tasks, see who performs them, links to follow up if they did it, information on local radio stations and venues so fans can send requests and a point scoring system so fans can be rewarded. But, it’s currently a US based service and therefore not much use for UK bands.

Having managed online street teams whilst at Sony Music I know how difficult it is to run them effectively. It requires a huge amount of time, effort and great communication to keep people motivated and interested. Also,we found it’s extremely difficult to provide prizes and exclusives on a regular basis. After all, if you have an exclsuive track you may be far more inclined to offer it as a promotional download than give it to a handful of your street team.

Another gripe would be their insistence on the whole military style presentation and calling tasks, “orders”. However much I liked a band, if I received an ‘order’ to plug them to my local station they’d get a reply telling them to fuck right off. Perhaps that’s why I would have made a terrible soldier…

However, it looks like they have covered all the bases and at $15 per month it is reasonably priced. When I was at Sony companies seriously would ask for $3000 per month to run an online street team!! I’d love to know if any managers have signed up for this and what they thought of it?

For a UK equivalent see our post on


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3 comments on “Fancorps: An Online Street Team In Seconds

  1. gi
    May 8, 2007

    very cool to see Fancorps getting some attention! i work for Bowling For Soup’s mgmt and also run their street team on FC…the BFS Army! it’s been an incredible tool for us, just being able to easily communicate with the team and get feedback has been great.

    the military theme hasnt seemed to bother anyone, but like i said we we are the BFS Army, so it fits us just perfect. and nobody has seemed to be offended by the “Orders”…in big part because you can pick and choose which ones you’d like to accept, nothing is forced upon anyone.

    as far as the UK goes, we have over 250 teamers in the UK alone, about 1,400 world wide. so not sure what ya mean about it not being for UK bands, we’ve gotten great use out of it with our UK teamers, our last tour over there was sold out.


  2. millionmedia
    May 9, 2007

    Thanks GI, and I agree that calling your team the ‘BFS Army’ is perfect within the Fancorps environment.

    I guess, what I meant about the lack of UK support is it appeared to me their function to target fans within a defined distance of a particular point appears to be limited to the US – which I find disappointing simply because I think it’s such a great feature! If this is not the case then I’m more than happy to add a new post and clarify the situation.

  3. gi
    May 10, 2007

    i THINK what you might be referring to is the Intel section of the site, which is basically a huge database of listings (venues, radio stations, record stores, malls, schools, etc). it is currently much more populated on the US side of things, as we dont have as many UK members yet, and the members are the ones who actually submit the info.

    but as far as the main features are concerned, for actually running the team…like messaging, sending orders, providing the team with content to use, all of that works the same regardless of a team members location.

    like i said, BFS’ last UK tour was sold out (15 or so dates in 2K seat venues)…we had tons of teamers in the UK helping promote it, actually in the UK and online. it was a huge success

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