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How To Use For Marketing

YouSendIt, the file storage and delivery company, have recently added a new feature aimed at Record Labels to send music files to contacts, such as radio, blogs and social networks, instead of physical copies. The service has some interesting features;YouSendIt

  • Contacts can be imported so that emails with individual names and unique codes can be sent to each address
  • The unique code means you can track who has downloaded your file
  • The page can be branded so your contacts see your label name when they come to pick up their file.

These features mean you have a semi-secure way of sending music, video and artwork to your mailing list. Read this case study from IRIS distribution for more details.

A couple of downsides are that simply because someone has downloaded your file it does not mean they have played it. And the solution is not fully secure since the YouSendIt links can be sent to people other than the contact.

However, for smaller labels or individual artistes this offers a very simple and effective solution for sending files to your emailing list. Which just leaves you the job of getting everyone’s address….


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Neil Cartwright founded Million Media in 2006 with the aim to help people understand digital marketing and use it to their advantage. The vision hasn't changed but the technology has.

One comment on “How To Use For Marketing

  1. philip
    May 14, 2007 is a good free replacement to allows larger files that (150mb) and longer access (10days)

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