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What Is Weebly?

weeblyWeebly is a new website in Beta which allows you to build a nice looking site in minutes. For the technical minded, it’s built using Ajax which allows you to move elements around a page. For the non-technical, this means you can select what you want on your website and place the widgets anywhere on the page. To create a nice looking page takes literally minutes.

We think it will be fantastic for bands who want to create a flyer for a gig or preview a new album.

Current problems are the Google Maps feature only appears to cover the US (or it may be we haven’t figured out how to use it) and there is little support for music players – you would simply need to link to an MP3 currently.

But great potential and another exciting Web 2.0 development.


About Neil

Neil Cartwright founded Million Media in 2006 with the aim to help people understand digital marketing and use it to their advantage. The vision hasn't changed but the technology has.

One comment on “What Is Weebly?

  1. blored
    August 22, 2007


    I think that bands would have a really easy time by using a Clutterme layout.

    Mark from ClutterMe

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