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What Is PureVolume?

Fans and musicians are, I think, becoming increasingly disallusioned with MySpace and seeking new community places to upload their music and photos. PureVolume is a great contender for your attention, and offers many advantages over MySpace. I don’t want to knock M.S. too much since, after all, they were first to pioneer community and still wield enourmous influence. But being first doesn’t always mean being the best, and this is rapidly becoming apparent when new Social Network sites like PureVolume come along and offer so much more. Bands such as Bloc Party, Futureheads and Hard-Fi have all discovered it (or their labels have!)

The PureVolume profiles look great when compared to the majority of MS sites, although the ability to customise is very limited, although I guess this is a trade-off since most of the problems with MySpace are caused by their open structure. Seven tracks are allowed instead of four and more information about the artiste, such as albums, label, events and comments can also be featured within the profile. And since the site is relatively young, you still have a chance to grab your artiste name before someone else.

One feature missing, that all Social Network sites seem guilty of, is the ability to collect the email address of your fans. Each Social Network appears to want you to be able to contact only your Fans within your walled community rather than allow anyone to sign-up. This is such a fundamental feature that we feel whoever can offer it first will have a very compelling case to become the Social Network home for artistes. Until then, PureVolume is a great looking site offering a far cooler community presence than MySpace.


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