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ArtistDirect: Like 1999 – how not to do it….

artiste directI just took a look at the ‘new’ ArtistDirect website and it was like uncovering an archaeological relic – I felt like Indiana Jones discovering an ancient monument. Think 1999, and Dotmusic, Worldpop and Music3W. To think this company was at one time an innovator who now appear to be stuck in an Internet time warp…

Where to start with this dinosaur? How about the fact that since it’s primary sponsor is T-mobile you can’t actually buy a download by any artiste unless you’re a T-mobile customer? Expect to hear some MP3 of the latest buzz bands? Forget that since Artist Direct own Media Defender, an anti-piracy company. (Highly ironic however is that the Google ads featured throughout the site heavily promote MP3 download sites, so AD accept their ad money then try to close them down?). Want to buy an album? Well, get your currency converter since everything is priced in dollars.  In fact, despite the fact it says “Artist Direct in the UK” everything appears to be delivered from the US, including news, tickets and artiste info.

Despite this, you’ll notice the impressive list of prizes and giveaways on offer – likely because the record labels fall over themselves to build relationships with the mobile phone operators. So, on the one hand the labels support a waste of bandwidth such as this site, whilst take to court Imeem which pushes music and discovery to new heights.

Who is behind this site and how can they seriously think this represents the best the web can offer in 2007?  Perhaps more interesting, who at T-mobile thought this was a good use of their money? Take a look, wonder, shake your head and move on…


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This entry was posted on May 18, 2007 by in marketing, music.
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