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ANALYSIS: The Blogs Who Monitor The Blogs

With the rise and rise of blogging, there are several sites that ‘blog the blogs’. The benefit for a user is that it saves time visiting each blog in turn, and provides a useful one-stop to see what each blog is featuring. However, these blogs can provide further information such as which tracks are most popular, and therefore, provide some indication of a tracks growing popularity.

hype macineHypeMachine was one of the first to develop this concept and remains the most familiar. It pulls in feeds from hundreds of music blogs and features them in a real-time, rolling update style. On the home page there is no filtering – tracks are featured as they are posted. However, click on “Popular” and Hype Machine will provide information on the most popular blogs, tracks and searches over a short time period. This can provide useful analysis on tracks that are beginning to break.

critical metricsCritical Metrics provides a more focused variant on the blog of blogs. It centres on REVIEWS and not posted MP3’s. It has a large number of sources and pulls in the actualreviews to provide an overview of the music that sites are buzzing about. This means it also includes sites such as Media Guardian, Billboard, AOL and eMusic, sites who do not typically post MP3’s. The MP3 is lifted from various sources to compliment the review, but are not available as downloads.

blogmusikBlogMusik is a new site which follows a similar ethos to HypeMachine except breaks down the feeds in to countries and genres, making an interesting comparison between countries. It is not clear however which or how many feeds are being analysed. It also allows customised playlists to be built, which takes it into territory but it is unclear how this is licensed.

Also worth a mention in this arena is which pulls in a feed from over 150 blogs and provides a Top Ten Buzz Chart comprising the artistes being most written about.

Marketing Recommendations: The ‘blog of blogs’ allow very quick analysis of what music sites and blogs are hyping, buzzing about or posting. Record Companies must pay attention to this information since it can be a measure of how successful their marketing campaigns are going. For instance, Linkin Park featured highly on all the blog sites, and sold over 600,000 albums in the US, Week 1. However, other media such as Radio Stations and journalists should use these metrics as a measure of an artistes popularity alongside the traditional measures, sales figures and airplay.


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3 comments on “ANALYSIS: The Blogs Who Monitor The Blogs

  1. Coops
    May 26, 2007

    BlogMusik is my favorite. By far. 🙂

  2. OuteasY
    May 26, 2007

    Great post! Thank you!

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