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IndieStore – A quick way to sell your music

indiestoreIndieStore are pushing a unique concept in social networking – why not make money from your music?

Indie Store are almost unique within the social network environment since they’re actually providing a way for musicians to make money from their music. As part of their free service, an artiste or label can upload four tracks of their music then decide whether or not to charge for it, and if they do charge, then how much, in which format and when. In the ‘Premium’ package (£75) an artiste can take a higher slice of the revenue (80% vs 70%), can charge via SMS and also have their music eligible for the UK charts.

To be fair, IndieStore is far more of retail tool than a social network. It has little in the way of typical social network features, such as add friends, customisation, video or third-party widgets. However, the ability to place the 7Digital widget on other sites, including MySpace, immediately opens up many possibilities for an artiste to sell their music on blogs and websites. Take a look at Jamiroquai’s MySpace to see the 7Digital widget in action.

Million believe the future of music lies in services like IndieStore. They provide embeddable tools/widgets which allow commerce opportunities on the myriad of social networks, websites and blogs that power the distribution and promotion of music. We are looking for similar widgets to power ticket sales and merchandise – please let us know if you are aware of any.

Please read our interview with IndieStore here.


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