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Revver Share Video Revenue With Artistes

RevverRevver offer an interesting development on the YouTube video share model, with a promise at the outset to share all advertising revenue. The artiste or label upload the video in very much the same way as You Tube. Revver then offer the video in a similar way, with Tags and embed code to enable artistes and web authors to place the video on their site. Where things get slightly different is that each time the video gets played and an adert viewed, the artiste receives a pro-rated percentage of the advertising income made by Revver. A model for the future? Possibly, since our concern with many of the new media sharing sites is a lack of income for the artiste, with many sites believing that offering artistes a distribution channel is all the compensation necessary, whilst they take the advertising revenue.


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Neil Cartwright founded Million Media in 2006 with the aim to help people understand digital marketing and use it to their advantage. The vision hasn't changed but the technology has.

One comment on “Revver Share Video Revenue With Artistes

  1. Alex Black
    June 6, 2007


    We’re glad you found us – Distributing artists’ videos on Revver is a great way to get free hosting and distribution while at the same time sharing in the ad revenue. We split all ad revenue 50/50 with content owners/creators, and offer an affiliate commission of %20 for anyone sharing content outside of – which means that if you upload to Revver and share your work on your own website, you get the %20 affiliate commission and then split the remaining revenue 50/50, for a total of %60 for you, %40 for Revver. Advertisers currently pay per ad-click, but we will soon be moving to a CPM model that pays you based on ad impressions/views. Stay tuned to the Revver blog for updates on that –

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