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uLinkx The Video

ulinkxIn a previous post, we noted how there were blogs blogging blogs, such as Hype Machine and Critical Metrics. Now uLinkx provides an interesting development in the video market. With a new video sharing site seemingly launched every week, uLinkx provide a solution to avoid having to visit multiple sites. It pulls in video from popular video share sites such as YouTube, Google, Revver, Metacafe, MSN and MySpace and provides an interface to watch, share, playlist and bookmark videos, regardless of which site the video was originally uploaded to. Therefore, type in an artiste name, such as Jamiroquai, and the range of choice is astounding. It throws up some interesting questions….

  1. Since the site is linking to videos on other sites, is it violating copyright or can it point the finger of blame at the source of the video?
  2. However, by pulling in the video and providing it’s own embedding code, is uLinkx breaching the copyright of the video sites it uses as a source?
  3. Why does it have ‘Cricket’ as one of its main headings??

As with many other new sites, uLinkx pay out revenue to registered users by sharing the Google Ad Sense revenue associated with a video or playlist.

The best application we can think of for this site is the Playlist function. Since the playlist can consist of videos from any of the main video share sites, you can effectively create an ‘All Time’ playlist, then use a widget to share the playlist on a blog or social network (which allows Java script).


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Neil Cartwright founded Million Media in 2006 with the aim to help people understand digital marketing and use it to their advantage. The vision hasn't changed but the technology has.

One comment on “uLinkx The Video

  1. Arvind Singh
    July 1, 2007

    Thanks for the review.
    We index the videos and only provide a link to the video. We do not store the video. We do not provide our own specific code, it is same as the original embed code provided by the original source.
    Cricket is a popular game in Asian, Austrailia and England, similar to baseball in USA.

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