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Jamendo Offer New Distribution Deal To Artistes

In an age where traditional copyright is struggling to keep pace with new distribution models, is it time for an entirely new approach? Jamendo want you to think so…

What Do Jamendo Offer Artistes?

jamendoJamendo, based in France, takes the view that music is better served with a Creative Commons license than the more restrictive copyright employed by current record companies. Creative Commons is controversial amongst current rights owners since it allows far more liberal use of the work, which is precisely why it is popular amongst new artistes and Web 2.0 companies.

Jamendo applies these principles by allowing artistes to upload their music, tag, review and offer it as a free download. Users are encouraged to rate, discuss & swap the music and, in an interesting development, voluntarily donate to the artiste if they like it.

Jamendo is also distinct from other retailers/social networks by distributing the music via peer-to-peer such as Bit Torrent and eMule, saving bandwidth costs and further enhancing their ‘super-distribution’ claims.

Jamendo offer a tantilising glimpse of a new music industry which is based upon the artiste decreasing the price of their music to virtually zero in return for distribution and exposure. It is the antithesis of the traditional model and for this reason we feel this model is at one extreme, whilst a major-subordinate retailer like iTunes is at the other. To give away music and rely solely on donations or the hope that other income will arrive (such as touring or merchandise) is only going to appeal to a limited number of artistes right now, although we certainly wouldn’t dismiss this approach in the future as download income becomes more difficult to monetise.


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