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Seeqpod – Music and Video Search Engine

seeqpodFollowing uLinkx, comes Seeqpod .This employs a similar approach to uLinkx, but combines playable audio and video within its search results. Type in ‘Jamiroquai’ and 89 results are returned with mixed results of promo videos, live recordings, and tenuous related content. The results are quickly returned down the left hand side, whilst on the right is a player featuring the content neatly embedded into the page.

Like uLinkx the site claims legality due to the fact it is linking to an existing stream and does not host the content, so sidestepping the question of whether the original stream is legal in the first place. But, whatever the legal arguments, it is clear for content owners the virtual stable door is wide open and the horse bolted a long long time ago…

Putting to one side the quality and legality of the search results, this site, when considered along with with sites like Critical Metrics and uLinkx, illustrates the fact there is now so much free content available that sites such as these can create viable businesses simply by providing search and playback services. And unlike Kazaa, Napster etc, the companies they’re linking to (i.e. Google, YouTube, MySpace etc) have the resources the fight whatever legal actions are launched at them by the music industry.  The consequences of this are severe for retail and place even more pressure on the Majors’ protectionist strategies (EMI excluded).  But we’re not bemoaning this, rather, trying to recognise the new landscape and dealing with it. If music is virtually free and accessible anytime, how do artistes make revenue?

Call us to find out 🙂


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Neil Cartwright founded Million Media in 2006 with the aim to help people understand digital marketing and use it to their advantage. The vision hasn't changed but the technology has.

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