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See Things Differently – offering a new service to bands is a new site allowing artists to sell and promote their music online. We were curious so we asked them for some more information…
1. What are the key benefits of to an artist or label?

The main benefit of is its dedication to the music industry, we are well on our way to providing artists with everything they need to get a firm foothold on the ladder. Among our biggest benfits, we allow free hosting of upto 20mb of song space to all artists. We also host our very own chart system for artitsts to ‘battle it out’ to reach the top of and be featured in our weekly email.

From a labels point of view, we have almost 600 bands signed up with us, we are a massive resource for labels looking for the best in new music. Unlike a lot of sites The-Muzic is proud to host and offer the same benefits to all artists of all genres and nationalities, choosing not to go for the cream of the crop but instead give everyone of all ambition’s the chance to utilise our site as they like.

2. What’s your policy on DRM, formats and bit rates?

DRM is something that we use to an extent, but ultimately no-one is able to fully prevent people from copying music directly from their site, a simple cassette recorder is good enough. We have the ability for artists to upload ‘Lo-Fi’ songs if they so wish, but we have found that most of our artists prefer to have good quality music playing from our site to give their listeners (comprised of record labels as well as potential fans) the best impression of their songs possible.

3. How does work within the artist website or within a Social Network?

From the social side of things we have a good community growing in our forums. We allow people to talk about anything within our forums, we would even allow people to have a moan about the most recent woolly jumper bought for them by their grandma’s. The only things we ask are that people keep foul language and spam down to a minimum. Those are the only areas that we would be strict in enforcing rules.

Our Fan-Artist interaction is second to none, we allow everyone who has the gift of the gab (and anyone who hasn’t, me) to review their favourite new song or artist. Fans can show their allegience by becoming a recognised fan of any artist at the click of a button.

In terms of our interaction with artists, we keep in regular contact with everyone through the forum, and also communication through emails with artists taking advantage of the many features on our site. We are in the final stages of organising our first big gig, with plans to host many more in future, the bigger our network grows the more we can keep in close touch with our artists.

4. What other benefits do you offer that may not be immediately apparent, i.e. Special features or little used functions?

We have always strived to provide as much as we can, some of the features include Digital Mixing and Mastering. This is a side of things we are focusing to get noticed a lot more recently. With the world of music going digital, being able to digitally master your music and make it ‘presentable’ to labels and fans is going to be a much sought after tool, especially to artists unable to afford the expensive studio time.

Other features, though not unused, include the forum, this is a tool that is underestimated on our site, the regulars in there benefit from some of the better play counts and page views than some of the quieter artists. Being an actual presence helps people relate to an artist more and thus more willing to check out their page and listen to the artists music.

The Fan system, there is the ability for artists to actively recruit fans by inviting them to check out their page and have a listen. Also the more fans an artist has the better it reflects on the artists music, and more notice it will draw from the record labels that browse our site.

5. Any case studies or examples of artiste promotions which other artistes could follow?

We are currently working closely with an artist called, ‘BandofBrothers’ we are testing out the ability to fully record from ‘home’ a song to submit for Mixing and Mastering that is of a good quality. Should this work a full example of how anyone can do this will be given, along with an example of how it was done.

The sucess of our biggest artists is the biggest example people can go by, we encourage artists to talk to each other to work out how to best make use of our site. One of our artists is even renting out or prime advertising space to help them with our current competition.

6. Any future developments you can tell us about?

Yes, we are adding the finishing touches to a long awaited site-wide update, this should be ready by August all being well. (The details of which can be found in our forum at…
Good things come to those who wait.


One comment on “ – offering a new service to bands

  1. Debbie
    July 20, 2007

    The-Muzic is a great place for all unsigned artists. I’m always on there checking out the latest bands.

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