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Radio.Blog.Club Offers Streaming Radio Service

radioblogFrench site, Radio Blog Club enters the crowded radio streaming and discovery market with a neat application to create a playlist based upon any artist you search. You’re subsequently presented with a long list of tracks by the artist and are given the option of adding the artist to your playlist, creating a radio station around that artist, or in a nice feature, offered a customisable widget featuring your selected track.

As with Hype Machine and Blog Muzik, the tracks are all MP3’s which Radio.Blog Club have ‘discovered’ on blogs and websites, meaning the site can sidestep accusations of being unlicensed by simply saying they’re linking to exisiting files.  However, we found the playlists a little too eclectic with some playlisted artists veering widely from the original  search. Overall, it’s a very well put together site and fun to use for a while, but we prefer  other stations like TUN3R, Critial Metrics and


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One comment on “Radio.Blog.Club Offers Streaming Radio Service

  1. Neil Hepburn
    May 7, 2008

    Listeners visiting will now be able to visit any one of the ten new “City Dials”. Each City Dial
    displays a tiled mosaic of all Webcasting AM/FM stations for the given city. Stations are ordered as they
    would be on a traditional AM/FM tuner. The cities featured are: Toronto; New York City; Nashville; London;
    Paris; Glasgow; Stuttgart; Rome; Seoul; and Buenos Aires. Each City Dial can be accessed via a dedicated
    web address (e.g.,, For some cities, all AM/FM stations
    are available as streams. Additionally, over 350 Internet stations are featured adjacent to the local AM/FM
    stations. For the first time, listeners will be able to seamlessly browse between terrestrial and Internet radio.

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