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Top Six Facebook Music Applications

facebook logoWe have been adding Facebook profiles recently (the one for Hannah can be seen here) and these are our favourite music applications.

1. ILike

The Grandaddy of Facebook’s music apps, it allows you to tap in to the iLike database and feature songs, create playlists and dedicate tracks to friends. It’s very similar to, who must be gutted they got beaten to the draw. Can be cool on its own, but is far better if you have iLike running on your own computer.

2. My Files

Developed by an ex-colleague of mine at Sony BMG, this allows you to place not only music, but video and photos on your profile. Easy to use since you can simply embed URL’s to content, it reminds me a little of Netvibes.

3. SplashCast

You actually have to go to Splashcast to create this, but once done it’s a very smart appl. Similar to MyFiles, it allows you to create Video Channels and Shows, using You Tube as the source. In essence it’s a more fancy version of the YouTube playlist function, but you can also add photos and documents. Sony BMG have used this to create channels for Pink & Craig Brown. Along with Veoh, it could get very interesting when people start creating their own TV channels, adding advertising and the quality gets better.

4. Bandtracker

Type in your favourite artists and this application tells you when and where they’re playing, who else is going and options to buy tickets. May be a bit too US-centric, it still works for UK artists but doesn’t seem to track the band so well.

5. MyBandmyband

Powered by Reverb Nation, a widget to profile your band, showcase your music, your photos and keep a mailing list. Check the terms and conditions however, since some users have pointed out the wide ranging conditions in their ‘terms of use’ small print.

6. MySource

Super easy to use app that allows you to link to your MySpace music player. A real time-saver since you only need to update MySpace and this automatically updates. There is also a plug-in for Imeem music.


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2 comments on “Top Six Facebook Music Applications

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  2. sara
    May 30, 2011

    Web Radio Player on facebook

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