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Xtaster Updated. Powered by the streets? More powered by Red Bull….

Xtaster UpdatedXtaster has been updated with a fresh, clean design to appeal more to their core audience. We thought the previous version was far too cluttered. Artist projects are now easier to pick out and each is provided with a clear description and a link to a MySpace for music & videos. They’re working with some exciting artists from the very new through to the superacts like 50 Cent.

It’s still not clear to us how, if you’re an artist or a label, you get on to Xtaster’s roster? We’ve asked them twice but so far no reply.  We’d like to think they ran the site purely to see good music flourish, but we expect it’s not the musictopia we’d wish for, and the fact that brands are prevalent throughout the site makes us wonder how close to the ‘Street’ they really are? Overuse of the words ‘free shit’ gives us the distinct impression of a bunch of marketing people trying to get down with the youth. Obviously, now they have their database of ‘youth market consumers’ it’s time to reel in the brands searching for ways to reach the elusive teen demographic. It is also not clear how succesful they are – the site doesn’t provide any demonstrations of tasks that have been completed or highlight ways they have increased the profile of an artist. Or perhaps they reserve this information for their Biz Dev powerpoints?.


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Neil Cartwright founded Million Media in 2006 with the aim to help people understand digital marketing and use it to their advantage. The vision hasn't changed but the technology has.

One comment on “Xtaster Updated. Powered by the streets? More powered by Red Bull….

  1. Nick Dryden
    September 10, 2007


    Thanks for the positive comments re. new website, seems to have gone down well with members and cliets alike. Really sorry no one has responded to your requests for more information. Bit slack, apols.

    As a bit of background, everyone who works here are music people first and foremost and the average age of people in the office is about 22. Most of the content on the site relates to clients and the remainder is what our members want to talk about.

    We’re hardly working under any pretences – we work with brands, they pay our rent! Just as Jamiroquai pays yours 🙂

    This summer we took 60 kids to festivals, all of whom were given free music phones, plus we’ve given loads of free CDs, T-shirts, cameras, tickets, artwork, skate boards and all sorts of other stuff to 1000’s more. Yes, its a business, but its one that gives a lot back rather than just looking to exploit.

    If you want to know anything else contact me directly!

    Nick at Xtaster

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