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Sellaband brings new artists and music fans together to reach one goal – make music and make money together. Adam Sieff, one of Sellaband’s founding members, gave us the lowdown:

What is

Sellaband is a website and community for artists and bands that want to raise a recording budget from the general public so that they can make an album.

How did it come about?

Pim Betist was amazed that the bands he liked couldn’t get recording deals. He figured out that there must be enough people around the world who would be interested in their music if only the bands could reach out directly to them. In early 2006 Pim met up with Johan Vosmeijer who was one of the main men at Sony BMG Holland. He immediately saw the light and quit his job , and together with Dagmar Heijmans the company started rolling. I came on board a month before the launch in August 2006.

How does it work for bands and their fans?

Bands register for free and upload three songs and a video. They need to attract Believers to purchase 5,000 ‘parts’ at $10 each to make the $50,000 recording budget. When the budget is reached they are assisted by our experienced A & R personnel to make the album that they want to make – down to what repertoire they record and how they want to record it. Then it’s down to Sellaband, the bands themselves and their believers to promote and spread the word. And after 12 months they will receive the masters and can re-release them free and clear.

Believers get a numbered limited edition CD (one per each $10 part they buy) and go into business with the bands. All advertising revenues generated via Sellaband will be shared equally between the artists, their Believers and Sellaband. This three-way split will be based on market share. The more songs are downloaded on Sellaband (by unique visitors, the bigger the market share and the more money bands and Believers can make.

Three of the songs on the CD will be given away as free downloads. The other tracks will be sold as paid downloads for 50 dollarcents each, with the net profit of these sales split evenly between the bands, the Believers and Sellaband. Believers also have the right to open their own shop on Sellaband and sell related products from their artist for a commission.

There are more incentives and revenue streams to come soon which will make this even more attractive to bands and Believers.

How Many bands are registered on Sellaband?

There are 5,000 bands and 16,000 Believers now registered, from everywhere on the planet. Our 1st seven bands to make the $50k recording budget come from The Netherlands, Utah via Hawaii, London, Paris, New Zealand, New York and Western Australia.

What’s the situation with copyright?

Bands enter a publishing agreement with Sellaband but only for the repertoire they choose to record for their Sellaband album. The structure is 60% for the artists, 30% for Sellaband and 10% for the producer.

Plans for the future?

Plenty of expansion and much more on the live and promotional side. Plus some online innovations that are really exciting.

Highlights so far?

Seeing the 1st seven bands reach their recording budgets, hearing the first three albums, meeting some wonderful Believers, the live and webcasted events in London and Amsterdam, reaching $1 million from Believers…so much in such a short time!


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