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See Things Differently Launch Free Music Service are the reincarnation of BlogMuzik, who were recently shut down by the French copyright society (where they’re based). They’re now claiming to be the first licensed free on-demand music service with no restrictions and unlimited. I won’t pass comment since it may be true and who am I to cast doubt? But I’m suprised the Majors have moved their position so quickly without me realising – in the recent discussions I’m having with other services they still complain how difficult it is to get a license for ad-funded streaming services. My congratulations to the Deezer Directors for being the first people to crack it (btw – how do you portray cynicism in written words…?)

However, moving on, what of the service? Well, Deezer is actually fantastic. Click on any of the tracks and the quality is superb. The player is easy to use and extremely well presented. But the real beauty is the ‘Smart Playlist’. Click any track and the software instantly creates a ‘smart’ playlist based around the artist – nothing new, right? But what sets it apart is the fabulous way the tracks are presented with the cover artwork flying in and out of the screen (OK, so I’m easily impressed!). deezer_player

It’s very easy to create your own playlist and have the player run through your own selection of tracks. Other features include an ‘MP3 locker’ so registered users can upload their own tracks with no storage limitation, a widget so you can feature ‘free’ music on your blog (which is still branded BlogMuzik) and a share facility allowing you to send a friend a link direct to your selected track.

It’s stunning that Deezer have managed to get a license for so many features, which, up until now, have been strictly controlled by the record labels and what’s more, all paid for by placing a single Google Ad Sense banner on the page! Further, they have also created a great service that I’m using on a regular basis.


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Neil Cartwright founded Million Media in 2006 with the aim to help people understand digital marketing and use it to their advantage. The vision hasn't changed but the technology has.

2 comments on “ Launch Free Music Service

  1. Adam Sieff
    September 25, 2007

    I agree – Deezer is terrific, pretty well stocked and works well. Although when I tried to download a track (purely for research purposes…) I received a fierce warning that my details had been noted and not to try it again.

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