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The Top Ten Top Tens

Today’s best music no longer appears in the charts or gets played on the radio, so if you want to know what’s hot you have to check the blogs, online radio stations and music search engines to inform us what is currently popular or getting a buzz. These are the Top Ten places to get your insider info…

1. Hype Machine

Click on ‘Popular’ in the top menu and you can see which artists are Most Searched and Most Blogged. Since Hype Machine probably has the most blog feeds of any aggregator it’s a very accurate reflection of what bloggers are writing about. Artists featured here are likely the hottest  on the Internet at the current time.


Recently re-designed, it tracks artists and tracks currently being featured on hundreds of music blogs.

3. Crtical Metrics

Tracks reviews from popular music sites and blogs, then provides a chart of the most popular. We always find at least one track we love.

4. Technorati

Lists the top albums according to how many people have linked from their site to Amazon.

5. MySpace

MySpace lists the most popular ‘Unsigned’, ‘Indie’ and ‘Major’ artists, although there are dozens of inaccurate listings. However, it’s useful to see who is currently top. We’re unsure how they measure though – is it plays, friends or a combination?

6. Music Lounge

This virtual world lists the most popular artists currently being played and searched for. It’s a highly musical audience and so interesting to see who is rated top.


This is useful to see the week’s top tracks. However, look at the top artists and it’s the same pretty much every week since the classic artists remain firm favourites week in, week out.

8. Info Filter

Torrents are often used for full albums, unreleased material and live footage. Therefore, this provides an good snapshot of popular music from a different perspective.

9. Google Music Trends

By now most people will know Google Advanced Search is the easiest way to get any free music or video on the planet – visit for an example. But Google also publish Music Trends which provides a snapshot of what its Google Talk users are listening to.

10. Gigwise

We include this because we like Gigwise, but it’s also useful since it’s mainly focused on unsigned artists. It highlights how websites such as Gigwise have neatly incorporated a niche social network which works well for touring bands.


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