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Now Play Strike Right Chord follows in the footsteps of JamNow and JamStudio, with the goal of teaching the world to sing. The difference is NowPlayIt have comandeered the artists themselves to provide tutorials. So, Graham Coxon tutors guitar on his own track, Gaz Coombes show you how to play Supergrass and in a serious promo scoop, Paul McCartney provides a bass, drum & guitar tutorial.

Would-be singers and buskers pay just £3.99 to download the ‘pop star’ video version which can be 15 minutes or more. However, if the lesson is given by a ‘NowPlayIt’ tutor this is considered a ‘Lite’ version and only costs £1.99. The video is in MP4 or WMV, so can play on your iPod or PC and in your own time. Since the ‘pop star’ version costs £2 more, we assume artists are provided with a split of revenue.now_pic

The site developers are Outside Line, who are an online PR / web development company with good contacts within the industry. These have bourne fruit and the site is clean, simple and well presented, as witnessed by the site winning a BT DMA for Best Music Service.

It’s a smart idea and hugely more engaging than it’s rivals. We question the number of artists who will get personally involved, but then, given Sir Macca has just signed up, perhaps they have long queues ready to strum.


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