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See Things Differently Boost MySpace Plays and Friends

somanymp3sI got word yesterday about a new service called They claim to significantly boost daily plays and friends. The immediate question was, do they do it ‘legitimately’ since the last thing any one wants is a deleted profile. However, they claim it is completely within the MySpace T&C’s and they don’t use clone players, automation or Friend Bots.

For $19.99 they guarantee up to 1,000 plays and, although not guaranteed, up to 400+ friends. For a whacking $700 you get 105,000+ plays and 10,000+ friends.

It’s obviously questionable how effective random friends are, so even what appears to be high numbers must be weighed up against the actual value to the artist. Most labels are sceptical about friend numbers in the tens of thousands – it’s only when you move in to the hundreds of thousands that people start to believe it isn’t all self-hype.

However, number of plays and friends are such a vital part of building an artist profile now that anything that works, and saves time, is definitely worth investigating.

An artist we know is signed up so we’ll report back how effective it has been, but word so far is positive. They also have an interesting analysis of MySpace worth reading.


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24 comments on “ Boost MySpace Plays and Friends

  1. Kam
    October 20, 2007

    We are a Myspace Band and have tried and almost all other reputable myspace promotions services. is much more expensive given the competition but their plays service works fairly well. We signed up for the Friend service and it appears to get you a few in-coming friend requests, however, they’re random. I suspect that all they are doing is adding your band page to a whore-train of some sorts… that’s the only way it could be done without them actually having your user name. I think they use which is one of the top whore trains. Of course your views increase as random whore-train riders add you.

    Over all they offer an ok all in one package… their customer service sucks basically to be honest. We tried to email them several times and it took days to get a response.

    We’ve since switched to a competitor myspace promotion service called They have really great deals on getting more music plays and increasing traffic to your myspace page. We stopped paying SoManyMp3’s for friends and decided to post our own bandpage on whore trains for FREE!!!!!! and we get the same amount of in-coming friend requests!!! lol…. is one of the better myspace promo services that we’ve had. Our band has had great results and many new dedicated fans as a result of consistent promotion. They have great customer service too and are always there to answer quickly.

    Hope that helps… all in all … try em all out.


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  3. Mike CTW
    November 10, 2007

    Guys your all being scammed…. the truth is none of those sites have ANY experience in the music business. In fact being a myspace promoter myself I can tell you they are just hackers.

    But the thing is I don’t pretend to be something I’m not. *I* Actually work for labels, have my own label, have a gold record band under my belft, 3 records signed to imprint of major labels, 15 years in the indie music scene, know industry executives, am a myspace legend etc with 80,000 friends.

    None of the text copy those sites say is true and in a matter of fact they can be sued for it as it’s false advertising. I’m so tired of this horseshit of myspace “promoters and companies”. The truth is your placed on a list when you do shit like that and REAL record labels know your faking and cheating on your plays because they talk to myspace daily about this. It’s just people trying to take advantage of your dreams.

    • kathleen
      August 21, 2009

      You are right. I paid to enhance my plays and got nothing, and now have asked for my money back. the lowlife hasn´t even returned my email.

  4. StevieB
    November 11, 2007

    I love I’ve been using them for almost 4 months now. Yes they are more expensive but their traffic actually registers in my map. I never had a customer service issue, they seem to be answering all questions in normal time.

    I also did try, but their plays came in all at once at 8 AM. So stupid. Basically I had 5,000 plays delivered at once. Does not look realistic. plays spread out nicely. Also, the friend requests do drop to lower numbers, but they extend my subscriptions all the time even though the plays goals are reached

    my 2 cents

  5. JohnS
    December 2, 2007

    I manage a few myspace bands and have tried every site and service out there to increase promotion online. The fact is, no one really has it under control. We used and they use some kind of proxy service to fake your plays and make it look like real visitors. The even went as far as having new articles and complicated service scheme to make it more believable – but in the end we discovered some kind of proxy service is used to fake plays and visitors. And like the guy said above, they simpjly added our band page to a whore train to get us friends. Not exactly what we thought we were buying – so we left them.

    Then we tried a few “Industry Experts” like the guy Mike CTW above who claim their gods gift to music promotions and have so many awards and gold and platinum albums, but it turns out they too are blowing a bunch of smoke (at least the ones we tried) and don’t really have any better way to get your music out there.

    Admittingly, we also tried which is basically a service ran by a bunch of former label A&R promoters. They use about 1000 diffent myspace pages loaded with thousands of friends to basically send out bulletins with links to your music – and they claim it goes out to targeted fans, but we had no way of really knowing. But we got like 10,000 plays and we only ordered about 5,000. They claimed they have no way of pulling back the bulletins they send out to stop play activity, so their service was a little unpredictable at times like mentioned above. But at least it was real people going to our page because we started getting friend requests and didn’t pay for them – which was ok.

    But in the end we switched to a company called which is much more expensive but we’re getting much more quality results with them than any of the myspace play sites.

    If you’re a legit outfit, we suggest you try for real quality results.

    Best of Luck

  6. Polly
    December 15, 2007

    somanymp3s doesnt use proxy. maps don’t register proxy plays. fpv3 has to be sending real hits. And music submit is bs.

  7. EP
    December 18, 2007

    We know for fact that uses a Proxy to fake most of their plays and views. They post your band on FriendStorm which causes people to add you and visit your page which adds the dots on the map. It ain’t rocket science – I KNOW exactly how their service works.

  8. DangerUS
    December 27, 2007 Rocks!!! We used them last summer to promote while we toured and they did a helluva job!!! Stop Hatin!!!!!

  9. ReggieB
    January 26, 2008 got my page deleted… no thank you.

  10. Geezer
    January 31, 2008

    friendstorm doesn’t register visits on the map

  11. sham
    April 18, 2008

    friendstorm is somanymp3 and vice versa all owned by Bliss Entertainment LLC which they all are tied into one another. I did all my research on google and found it all out 🙂

    Do your research before you buy, cause these guys are a SHAM! The whole 9 yards.

  12. kill this blog
    April 29, 2008

    How funny … they very same SHAMer is actually here calling everyone else a SHAM… i like the guy above ..said it best… fact is, no one really has online music promotions figured out! Not even OnlineMyspaceMarketingForMyspaceMarketerslooking

  13. Mike
    May 3, 2008

    I use

    They’re amazing! They’re the only ones that offer REAL UNIQUE plays.


  14. MikeCTW
    May 5, 2008

    JohnS…. Thanks for giving me a bad name for no reason other than to promote your own company. The fact is I do nothing of the sort the same as these other sites. Not too mention where does it possibly say I have tons of awards? It doesn’t, It said i have 1 band under my belt that I discovered that went GOLD thats all it says. i used to do a label, do a&r, radio promotions all kinds of things. The people that run these companies did not and never did. None of them have actual experience working with bands and the business.

    CTW designs TARGETED specific plans catered for EACH clients needs. This has ZERO to do with any of the aforementioned websites and I extremely resent being bunched and grouped into them. Not only are my plans legitimate and my results legitimate but they are cheaper and 25 times more effective. Thats because I’m not out to just screw people out of their money.

  15. MikeCTW
    June 26, 2008

    Here is my article I finally released regarding these scam companies.

    You know those views and plays sites that claim to be “promoters” they claim to have lots of experience “rocketing you up the charts to get you signed”?

    Well the cat is out of the bag now.

    Those sites are outright scamming people and they know it. See when you have so many people doing the same thing and borrowing each others text copy you know it’s a scam. I’ve even had people steal outright text copy from my newsletters and websites and represent that as their own. People! Those sites even the nice looking ones are not legitimate. It’s just a quick scam. I have been trying to tell people this for months… I have written several articles about it and put sections in the CTW newsletter. Those sites are simply taking advantage of you, while a genuine promoter will figure out how to generate legitimate targeted visitors and networking partners to your profile.

    They don’t have experience in the music business or marketing. OTHERWISE they would tell you the most effective Myspace work you can do is to build a targeted fanbase that’s the simplest thing I could tell anyone without getting into specific methods or secrets.

    They create false testimonials and create text copy to convince you it’s real by saying things like “through our promotional network”. Fact is they are doing nothing but using a simple internet traffic routine. WHY is it you think someone who hasn’t worked within the music business or who doesn’t have a genuine background with internet / direct marketing experience can get you authentic results? If it’s too good to be true it usually is right? Trust me it is.

    I’m trying to save you a ton of money and hassle to begin with.

    These sites could care less about the safety of you’re profile otherwise they wouldn’t remotely ever tell you they can give you 20,000 plays. What they do is give you a free “sample” then get into your wallet. By the time you realize it’s a scam you are out of a few hundred dollars at the least if you’re lucky. If you got the worst of it you’ve been scheduled for deletion by Myspace. Trust me they will get to it eventually and you will be deleted for it. I have had several serious musicians come to me after a harrowing experience as I have described who had used those “promoters” and then got their precious Myspace accounts deleted.

    Any site which claims they can deliver any specific number of views and plays is using a simple perl script which is widely available whether they claim to deliver separate views, and or plays or all together as some of them claim. Any site which considers random friends to be genuine promotions may not be considered a scam but it certainly is not effective although it can be fun. This is common sense it doesn’t take a marketing background to tell you this but if you are a band or a business you certainly wouldn’t want traffic or friends on your page that have zero interest in what you are doing even if you had 25,000 of them.

    Lastly, anyone with half a brain whether they are someone who you may do business with you or a visiting listener if you don’t have a comparable profile and equally general visible response to your new 45 googillion plays they will know you’re a fake.

    Hit me up if you want legitimate professional promotion.

    Mike CTW – CTWpromotions – AIM – 6/15/2008

  16. Dave M
    October 29, 2008 is AWESOME!!!! I’ve never had one problem with them. To the person that says that MaxPlays got you deleted you are smoking crack. I’ve never dealt with a company that works with you so hard to make sure that your campaign runs smooth and effective. They did not get you deleted, YOU got your page deleted.
    MaxPlays is worth every penny. I’ve been a loyal customer of theirs for over 2 years and would never think about using one of the many scammers that are out there.

  17. joojooB
    January 26, 2010 works with labels and artists. the plays are verified as REAL in MySpace Artist Dashboard and the customer service is quick, it’s easy. and it works. major labels are using these same services. i use it for my music, and it’s done WONDERS for me as far as exposure, getting shows, and even album sales.

  18. Status
    January 1, 2011

    the sense is opened from And, to I, has squeezed out all that is possible, for what to it respect!

  19. PromoBoy
    February 10, 2011

    … haha it’s funny – from my view you’re all (with a few exeptions) basicly promoters tryin to talk the other ones replying to this post bad … what happens ? I believe no one postin’ hate replys in this blog is going to get any new costumers … but it’s funny to see…

  20. Corey
    February 19, 2011

    I used and they worked out pretty good. In fact, I still use them when I put up a new song.

  21. barcelona weather
    January 27, 2012

    i tend to agree, none of the text copy those sites say is true and in a matter of fact they can be sued for it as it’s false advertising.

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