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17 Top Tips For New Social Networks To Follow

Thinking of building a social network? We set up and update profiles for many artists, and this is what we want from our ideal social network>

  1. Provide the option to update news via RSS. This means news can be updated from the same source. Top marks to Facebook and Virb for allowing this.
  2. Allow photos to be updated by a Photo Share site, e.g. Flickr. Top marks to Virb.
  3. Allow the blog to be updated via RSS. Top marks to Facebook. So far MySpace score zero.
  4. Allow widgets from third parties such as Indiestore, Widgetbox or YouTube. At last, MySpace score highly, but low marks for Virb & Imeem.
  5. If you don’t allow third party widgets, allow external developers to write applications. Top marks Facebook.
  6. Allow some page customisation – music is a creative industry and not everyone wants to look the same!
  7. Make it easy to add a mailing list. Do social networks thing artists trust them with this valuable data, when they can delete a profile at a whim? Low marks for everyone.
  8. Make it easy to add friends, and approve more than ten at a time. Allow a default option of ‘Approved’ – top marks Virb and Imeem.
  9. Allow more than 4 tracks to be uploaded, and to sort tracks in to albums and playlists.
  10. Allow the music player to be embedded in to external websites or blogs.
  11. Make it easy to link to iTunes, or a retailer of the artist’s choice.
  12. Make it easy to add a YouTube playlist within a page or profile
  13. Allow short URL’s containing the artist name
  14. Enable HTML links out from the site.
  15. Allow photo slideshows from all the major photo share sites, not just one of them.
  16. Enable country customisations so the date is displayed in UK format
  17. Enable a simple forum, with email notifications when new messages are posted. Well done Facebook and Imeem.

About Neil

Neil Cartwright founded Million Media in 2006 with the aim to help people understand digital marketing and use it to their advantage. The vision hasn't changed but the technology has.

One comment on “17 Top Tips For New Social Networks To Follow

  1. sara brady
    November 9, 2007

    Great take on techniques on how to leverage social networking websites! In today’s digital world it is a must to master new media and understand how to make it work for you!

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