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Amie Street Hints At Future Of Social Music Retail

amieAmie Street is gaining fans as a fine example of an online retail store mixed with social network or as they phrase it,  “social music retail”. It combines a number of innovative features that signal a new perspective on the retail and social network environments.

First, all the basics – artist sign-up is free.  You go through the process of uploading and tagging your music (question – when are these sites going to agree on a standard CSV format so information can be uploaded far quicker). Tracks are searched by either artist, track, genre or user ratings, or what they term ‘RECs’ (for Recommendation, just in case).

And it’s the REC’s where things get interesting, since these underpin the social element and the pricing model too. You see, every track on AmieStreet starts off at FREE. As more people buy it, the price starts to increase up to a limit of 98c. But let’s say, you REC a track when it’s free and it subsequently becomes popular and rises up to 98c, then you earn that amount in credit. So, if you’ve got a good ear you have an incentive to search out the tracks you think are the best, REC them, and earn money as people start to buy them. Your Street Cred, based on RECs, is displayed so people get to see who has got a good track record when it comes to finding the good stuff.amie screen

It’s simple, innovative, fun and pinpoints the number one way people buy music – word of mouth from people you trust. I don’t think it’s for everyone since it requires more time investment than the one-click nature of, say, iTunes. But AmieStreet has great potential for developing artists since when they’re undiscovered their music is cheap, rising with their popularity.

We will be uploading some new artist material to test the site and will keep you updated.


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