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Kazzong Help Artists Sell Their Music – But What Else?

kazzongJoining an already crowded market, alongside the likes of IndieStore, Mubito, Nimbit and Snocap, come German-based Kazzong. Offering a neat, usable and stylish player they encourage artists to sign-up and receive 70% of income in return. They also have some smart features for labels, affiliates and content aggregators, who can all earn commission by featuring the Kazzong player or introducing artists to the service.

Sign-up is typical and the player can be embedded on social profiles such as MySpace that allow third party widgets. For those buying music there are options to set up an account, pay by credit card or use ClicknBuy. A useful feature is being able to ‘Select All’ and buy all the tracks in one go. However, a smart touch would be to allow discounts for multiple purchases or bundles allowing artists and labels to offer price promotions.

Unfortunately, despite the site being in English, terms and conditions were only offered in German. Also, beyond the player itself it was difficult to see what else Kazzong offer. For instance, signing with Indiestore means you get your own store and your music is also introduced in to 7Digtal’s retail network.

Finally, just how many of these services can be supported? We can probably name a dozen, and whilst all of them work efficiently, how long can they be sustained? Nimbit has an edge right now since it can support physical sales and merchandise. We want to see a player supported by a CMS that allows not only digital sales but news, ticket sales and customisation.


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Neil Cartwright founded Million Media in 2006 with the aim to help people understand digital marketing and use it to their advantage. The vision hasn't changed but the technology has.

2 comments on “Kazzong Help Artists Sell Their Music – But What Else?

  1. patrick faucher
    December 6, 2007

    Thank you for including nimbit in your article. I wanted to point out that our OMT solution actually does support ticket sales as well as content push for calendar, profile and let’s fans sign up for the artists list right within the widget. We feel that powering the storefront for direct-to-fan sales is one key to driving the music business of the future, but it must be coupled with smart marketing strategies around the artist brand, which is something we constantly focus on at nimbit.

    In music,
    Patrick Faucher, CEO

  2. Andrew Martyn
    May 11, 2008

    Thanks also for reporting on the direct to fan channel. At Mubito we also support physical products – fulfilling your CD’s, DVDs, and offering different merchandise solutions (including print-on-demand).

    Mubito is different to the other solutions you mention, because we provide tools to build and manage your entire official website. Not just a shop.

    Finally, we’re support artists and labels earning revenue from the web traffic they attract – implementing ad campaigns and sponsorships into sites (in attractive ways).

    The new D2C opportunities require parters with marketing and new media experience – it’s not just a matter of uploading your music somewhere.
    Andrew Martyn, CEO

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