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Songza – “music search engine & internet jukebox”

Songza, the “music search engine & internet jukebox” launched on 8th November & prides itself on having “an incredibly high density of content and a correspondingly low amount of interaction”. Not surprising really given that it is the brainchild of Aza Raskin, son of Apple Macintosh Founder, Jef Raskin. In keeping with its heritage, Songza’s primary purpose is “to illustrate how to provide content using a humane interface”.

This is basically making a site that reflects how people actually use software rather than over-flashy, design-led interfaces that leaves you frustrated at trawling through unnecessary extra’s as opposed to getting straight to the info you want, and fast. You can search, share, play & rate music, but not download. Songza’s competitors include

Ways to make money on Songza include setting up affiliations with the likes of iTunes, Amazon etc. There’s a huge database of tracks, especially live recordings. On several artists we searched, some had live performances that were just days old. Its an easy to use, clean interface & it’s free. When you click on buy links, it displays google results from different stores & opens in a new window so you can keep listening while you purchaseNice navigation tool when you click on tracks which allows you to share with a friend or embed, play, rate and watch video. On a less positive note, quite a lot of the buy & discography links were invalid, though this may just be teething problems. There’s no rewind or play from the start button on player which is a bit annoying and there were lots of duplicate results, perhaps not filtered as well as they could be.


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This entry was posted on December 11, 2007 by in music.
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