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See Things Differently, er, Frankenstein Your Music????

trackshackAre albums dead? Is the single track now king? The answer is, yes.

Let’s look at the evidence. The case for? UK album sales for 2007 are down 10%. In the US it’s 15% this year alone. And digital album sales are already flatlining. The case against? None. There you have it.

It’s clear people prefer to pick and choose tracks from an album, rather than pay for an hour of music by the same act. This has significant commercial ramifications since most artists make money from album sales. However, it also holds some very interesting artistic possibilities.

One example is offered by The Track Shack. They encourage bands to not only sell their songs, but also make the remix parts available, i.e. vocals, loops, samples, etc, and sell these as individual components for the same price as the track itself (0.99c). Fans are invited to buy, then remix and mash-up the tracks and post them back on the site.

I really like the idea. We have advised a number of labels to think along these lines and sell individual remix parts in either a bundle or as distinct items.trackshack_tracks

However, whilst I support the idea, The Track Shack’s execution is a different matter. The design is haphazard and messy, and it was difficult to distinguish adverts from editorial. Even accounting for the site being new, the content was neither compelling or, to my ears, any good (Huey Lewis!!!!). The loops they offer are from undoubtedly quality musicians but none of them looked under 50. And from an artist/label perspective, is this idea good enough to motivate me to open another account with yet another store, when I could simply upload the parts on to my existing store (Indiestore, Mubito, Kazzong, etc).

The Track Shack represents a good idea, and a brave attempt at execution, but I didn’t see anything which would make me open an account with them.

Also, WTF is “Frankenstein Your Music” and who thought it necessary to trademark such a shit phrase? Like, anyone is going to steal it….

Million: Werewolf Your Website. Dracula Your Downloads. Mummify Your Mobile. Actually, this could represent a whole new era of Hammer House web analogies…love it.


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Neil Cartwright founded Million Media in 2006 with the aim to help people understand digital marketing and use it to their advantage. The vision hasn't changed but the technology has.

One comment on “, er, Frankenstein Your Music????

  1. Jeff Tamelier
    January 8, 2008

    Hello Millionmedia,

    Loved your comments — as we’re just working out the kinks to the new site.

    Its too bad to hear from so many indie bands telling us ‘they don’t have access to their own material.’ Young bands often are tootoo quick to get into a studio and produce an mp3 — without getting backups of their tracks or clean rights to their masters. Old(er) rockers aren’t any better — leaving their best stuff on reel-to-reel, without enough coin to convert their tunes to digital.

    Here’s hoping that both start taking (back) control of their art and continue the orderly execution of the old guard.



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