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CloudSpeakers Is The New Critical Metrics

cloud speakersEver since my ex-favourite site, Critical Metrics, completely screwed up their site by insisting on streaming video whether you want it or not (NOT!) I’ve been waiting for a site to fill the void. And along it comes…. Cloud Speakers.

Whacky name, great site.

It follows a similar path to the original Critical Metrics – an aggregator of reviews rather than popular votes or blogs. Whilst you should never trust an individual review, I think aggregating them all is a powerful way of highlighting interesting new music that is generally of very high quality. Let’s face it – leave it to the public to decide what’s ‘good’ and you get Leona fucking Lewis. At least critics are exposed to a lot of music and therefore are generally gonna pick stuff worth hearing.

The beauty of Cloud Speakers is the simplicity of the home page, but also offers lots of depth when you start to click on the links. The player has a pre-loaded playlist which is simple to use and where Critical Metrics ballsed up by making this essential function too complicated.

I can see sites like this becoming a real alternative to the likes of Xfm. Now, if I want to hear new music I have a choice. Listen to a radio station who play what they’re told to play by the label pluggers, or to a music stream (whilst I’m working) that is unbiased and plays the best of what is currently out there, regardless of label.


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One comment on “CloudSpeakers Is The New Critical Metrics

  1. Darren
    February 28, 2008

    Oooh – now this is a fine find mate, thanks! The way you can drill down via labels is a massive help for someone like me in doing the radio show and has already helped me find more comment on Her Space Holiday, who I’m reckoning to be a definite One To Watch with their new LP on Mush…


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