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Kylie: An Interview With New Visions

kylieNew Visions are pioneering the mobile social network concept, allowing fans of an artist to create, read and interact with their profile via their mobile. So impressed were we with their Kylie Konnect we asked Julia McNally, New Visions founder, to tell us more…

Can you describe Kylie Konnect for us?
The application was originally built with mobile in mind first, it allows fans to build their profiles, interact with other Kylie Fans, send messages, update a blog, upload images all from their mobile handset. So for fans that don’t have access to a PC or are at an event or gig – they can blog, take photos and directly upload from their phone. It replicates simultaneously online as well.
Why did you decide on Kylie?
We’ve worked with EMI on a number of mobile projects previously and our ‘OurTribe’ launch just timed well with Kylie’s new album release. It was fantastic though that we were able to launch with such a huge artist as Kylie who has a global fan base.
How would you describe the results so far?
Fantastic. The feedback from her fans has been amazing. To quote from just one of the fans profiles (Cyberguy): ‘…she really values her fans and now we have a home where we can share everything! Fab!’
The site has reached 10,000 subscribes who are actively blogging and engaging with other Kylie fans.
How does community differ on mobile to the web?
Basically in terms of functionality you can do almost everything with the site on your mobile that you can do online. Our platform sniffs out what browser you are coming in from and delivers your browser the best experience (web or mobile handset). Some fans using their online version to embed video links which don’t display on mobile, we only display content on the mobile that is viewable so gives the user a good experience and doesn’t cost them too much in browser data charges.
More messages are being sent in the mobile application than on the PC and we’re keen to embark now on a campaign to drive more subscribers to the mobile version which we can do quite easily.
Which other areas or industries do you think could benefit from mobile community?
Where do you start? It’s the immediacy of mobile that makes it so attractive, so if you’re at an exhibition, conference, sporting event, rock concert – you can take pictures, blog and then make it live immediately. I’ve even had journalists phone us up asking us to create UGC applications for their inhouse news teams – so that when they are on the field with no access to PCs they can report directly from their mobile.
In terms of building communities this application will work across many niche and diverse areas, consumer and B2B.
What are the commercial opportunities for mobile community?
The initial opportunities will obviously come from linking off to download content such as realtones, wallpapers etc. But we have integrated Pay Pal and Credit Card billing which will also allow for merchandise, ticket sales etc. Advertising is the next key area and we’ll soon be launching advertsing around a number of our UGC applications.
What are the next plans?
Watch this space….all I can say is that we are working with a number of big acts who also want to give their fans a home!


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