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Permission Marketing Is Essential For Artists

I like Seth Godin. He’s full of ideas and virtually all of them are simple enough to be considered great. They sound obvious and sometimes counter-intuitive, but he’s so often right once you think deeply enough.

Here is an example – his short article on permission based marketing.

It says simply because you have my email that isn’t permission. For instance, I signed up to get the Coldplay free track and now I receive Coldplay emails. But I don’t want them. Is it a fair exchange? I knew the deal before I downloaded the track but still I don’t want them. An email is never going to make me like the band or convince me to change my mind. In fact, they make me like them less. So has the band won or lost by getting my email address? Perhaps an email should be sent saying do I still want to be on it, and if not, well thanks for listening to the track and goodbye?

The temptation to send emails to fans is huge. And digital marketers are often put under pressure by their Marketing Managers who are used to “Shotgun” marketing – that is, simply tell as many people as possible about the new album / single / whatever. If you’re spending money on TV, Radio and Press then sending an email to thousands of fans who you’ve managed to get an address for is a no-brainer. Only,,,, it isn’t.

I don’t have the answer – I’ve done it many times myself. Seth says be patient and I guess that’s true. Hold fire, give people space and keep asking them if what you’re sending is OK. Over time you’ll win even if you make an enemy of your marketing managers….


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Neil Cartwright founded Million Media in 2006 with the aim to help people understand digital marketing and use it to their advantage. The vision hasn't changed but the technology has.

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