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The Black Lips MuxTape

The mighty Black Lips have just done a MuxTape featuring loads of tracks from previous albums, and two from the new one, 200 Million Thousand. And they’re inviting fans to design the artwork for it. And in a further display of Web 2.0 brotherhood, they’re inviting fans to film a video for Starting Over

We’ve long been fans of MuxTape and were disappointed when they were forced to close by the RIAA. However, fortunately it was temporary and when we found out they’d returned, we duly contacted them with a few ideas. Thankfully they agreed! It goes live on Feb 24th.

You can also check the new Black Lips MySpace.


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One comment on “The Black Lips MuxTape

  1. ed
    March 11, 2009

    How good would it be to win that competition, wish i were artistic haha!
    ah well have to settle with listening to the short fuse single over and over again 🙂
    i also want one of their t-shirts, anyone feeling generous??

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