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”Rise of the Online Mums”

When we created an advertising campaign for The SCOOBY-DOO Live Tour (on now), we knew a key audience to engage were the parents; or more specifically the Mums.

There has recently been a rise/surge in the number of websites created by Mums for Mums e.g. Netmums, Families Online and Mumsnet. When researching these sites we noticed a significant gap in the market in terms of advertisers and marketeers capitalising on these websites. As an agency we recognised the importance of this growing community of Mums online and wanted to make the most of any potential advertising opportunities.


The digital space for mums is still relatively immature, with a few players dominating the market. These sites offer a meeting place for Mums where they can get together and talk about anything from picking baby names and pregnancy, to shows and recipes they have seen recently. They can shop, blog, chat, get advice & support, enter competitions, get discounts and log into their own local network (a demanding group!).

We have recently secured advertising deals with the 3 websites mentioned above, and are utilising the local aspect of these sites in The SCOOBY-DOO campaign. Click here to take a look.

Mums are online and their number, engagement and spending power is increasing. The power of Mums is not to be underestimated….For further reading check this Mashable post.


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