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SCOOBY-DOO Is A Top 3% Twitterer

cast_scoobyDespite the difficulty he has typing, SCOOBY-DOO has managed to get in  to the Top 3% of all global Twitters. The famous sleuth, who is currently on a UK tour, is keeping a diary of his adventures on the  road with our help.

We were so impressed we thought we would issue a story claiming he was the number one cartoon character on Twitter, until that is, we found Homer, with over 11,000. So, then we thought, “Highest cartoon dog” perhaps? But disappointingly discovered Brian (Family Guy) and Snoopy both have more followers.

“Highest Great Dane” then?

You’re right – we’re struggling.   Twitter is a competitive space, even for those with paws.

Shaggy: Hey man, someone mentioned “credit crunch” the other day.  Is that, like some new kind of Scooby Snack?

Follow him at @scooby__doo


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One comment on “SCOOBY-DOO Is A Top 3% Twitterer

  1. theppclub
    May 20, 2009

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