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Measuring Buzz – The New Metrics You Must Take Note Of and tweetreach.  I cannot even begin to think of a time before these two little beauties landed on my browser – hence the radio silence of late. I’m too engrossed in stats!  At last simple tools designed to give insight into the murky world of buzz.  What they arBit.lye pointing out to us is that ‘event marketing’ is playing a massive role in all the projects we work on.  Be it a single release, tour, product launch, widget launch – these are all events that can be measured in terms of impact, impressions, and word of mouth; and in REAL TIME.  So while we scramble for any kind of coverage on TV, Press, Radio, Advertising etc and the big spikes of interest they can generate, there is so much more we can be doing in the meantime.  Any effective campaign should utilise traditional marketing around the key events, but all preparation for the campaign should also start months ahead with buzz, and continue throughout the product life cycle. With the music industry – artwork, lyrics, demos, limited edition product, fan only merch, live dates, flash mobs, live streams – these are all events that generate buzz/chatter Tweetreachon the internet. tags your links and gives you a fantastic breakdown of how its being used, who is blogging about it, which countries etc.  Tweetreach focuses on Twitter and gives you a information on who is tweeting on any subject/keyword/tag you can think of.  You need to find your fans? Then this is it.  If I learnt anything from my Marketing degree, it was Word Of Mouth sells.  These are your ambassadors, you have the tools to interact with them and gauge success.  You would be a fool to miss this.


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This entry was posted on May 22, 2009 by in music.
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