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EA Tiger Woods Goes Online

ea_sports_logo._V255043267_While you can rip games and use them for free, it’s not as easy or on the same level as music.  With this in mind it’s great to see EA Sports see the opportunity in putting their Tiger Woods game online.  Fans can pay a monthly subscription, cancel it whenever they want, get a whole host of regularly updated content and of course play on the move.  EA obviously get greater recurring revenue over the long term, but any fan in their right mind would sign up IF the content is good, regular and maintained.  The jury is out as it is launched in Autumn (US) but I’ll be watching this closely to see how it progresses.  This is the future (albeit late)! and I cannot tell you enough how much the music industry misses out on opportunities like these, with the same old blinkered views dictating release schedules, single/album/single mentality, scrapping the project if it doesn’t make the same tired faces at Radio 1 happy etc.  Bands need a break and to build a fanbase, not got shot down for not reaching number 1.  Subscription is a key factor that the music industry should take note of.  EA, I salute you for taking a chance and Mashable for putting a quick post on the finer points of this project.


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