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How To Sell All Your Ticket Allocation And Some. With No Advertising!

The Rifles - Great Escape Last week The Rifles announced a new tour direct to their fanbase and sold all their tickets allocated for in less than a day.   The London date in particular added 3 more sets of tickets to cope with demand – again all in less than a day.   So what’s the secret? It’s easy…but first some more data and process:

Over the last few months Media Junction Digital and ATC have helped maintain a good fanbase across The Rifles’ site and social networking sites, as well as designing a site that fans can interact with using their own content.  First lesson – give the fans things they want and don’t expect, don’t just sell sell sell.  Surely as music fans we understand this?   With the news of the tour coming we followed this process:

1. Inform the fans via the site, mailout and social networking sites, that a fan only sale will start the next day at 8am
2. Send an email etc to the fans at 8am the next day with a buy link
3. Make sure there is an incentive. Fans want to meet the band or get free tickets?  We offered both.

Here are the numbers:
1. Traffic to the site increased 1195% from Wednesday to Thursday (Google Analytics)
2. Our social networking push across all The Rifles’ communities we control, got 2577 clicks to the store on the Friday ( Check info here (not including Myspace stats who don’t accept
3. We sold 31.35% of our allocated tickets inbetween 8am and 9.30am on the Friday
4. We had to increase allocation.

All Traffic Sources:
-The majority of the traffic came from referring sites eg myspace/twitter/facebook etc (Google Analytics)
-This would be site posts, bulletins, comments etc

-Sold out our London allocation 3 times on the Friday
-Sold 31.35% of the tickets in an hour and a half.
-Added more allocation

-We work to build up a community as you go along – one fan at a time and across all social platforms. Provide them with interactivity, don’t push sales and treat them as the important person they are.
-Fans want money can’t buy offers and to meet their heroes. If they pay for a ticket – give them the opportunity of getting close to the band.  We did this with the added incentives to the ticket buy.
-News should always be given to the fanbase first. If they sign up or become a facebook follower, then they should get everything first.
-Have a great live band, who play with passion and love their fans.
-It is all simple stuff – and the stats prove it!


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