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Working Social Media With Visible Noise And Lostprophets

Media Junction joined forces with the fantastic independent label Visible Noise to work with the mighty Lostprophets. Working tirelessly with Julie Weir, Julian and Austen, we delivered a massive online PR and social media campaign.  In this particular post I want to focus on the social media campaign because the figures below show the point of what we do in this area and also what thousands of bands, artists, brands etc dont do!  We incorporated constant conversation pieces across Lostprophets social media profiles, interacting with fans, giving them exclusive content, polls etc.  One highlight was tying in traditional radio and digital together when the band covered the Zane show on Radio 1.  While the band did their thing on the show we all tied it in with encouraging fans to tweet the album name The Betrayed, ask what tracks they liked, commented in on all the banter going on the show.  The key things being using radio and digital together and the band encouraging the fans to get involved online.  The result was a top 10 worldwide twitter topic for #thebetrayed helping spread the word.  It takes time to build this, don’t be fooled, and the fans need the love to keep coming back.  Also a good manager who embraces building fanbases and one more thing…planning! Please get in touch for more info/stats/insights.  Call 020 7434 9919 and ask for Anwar or Neil.
Social Media Marketing For Lostprophets album campaign: 31st Oct–Jan 2010:
**Over 47k fans added to Facebook
**Over 11k fans on Twitter
**Album got into the Top 10 Twitter Topics Wordwide
**Added 79k views to their Youtube channel
**Youtube channel constantly broke Top 10 most viewed UK Music Channel
**Over 1 million views to their 2 official single videos on label’s Youtube
**Added 1636 subscribers to Youtube content
**Flickr – Official 70 photos were viewed 16,136 times
**Fan Gallery has 596 items up with 82 members
**357,500 listens on Myspace
**Number 3 album week 1 after Paulo and Florence.
Quote from Julie Weir @ Visible Noise:
Working with the Media Junction team is always a pleasure – from ad booking through to statistical analysis. I have never worked with a group of people who are more passionate about what they do, and on top of new online developments to boot. Where online tracking is concerned, I also feel like I have learned a great deal from the team the point of statistical obsession! Its great to see tangible results!
Further to the info above, I also did a comparison to similar bands, some on major labels, some independent.  The results show that the work we have been doing has propelled the Lostprophets right up in terms of attracting audience, spreading word of mouth and keeping fans.
Facebook **All data taken on Fri 5th Feb
The Blackout – 8905
Story Of The Year – 29, 528
Madina Lake – 21,394
Hoobastank – 57,283
Funeral For A Friend – 34,204
You Me At Six – 68,609
Biffy Clyro – 51,097
Enter Shikari – 62, 542
Twitter **All data taken on Fri 5th Feb
The Blackout – 8563
Story Of The Year – 6536
Madina Lake – 494
Hoobastank – 4948
Funeral For A Friend – 10,122
You Me At Six – 26,445
Biffy Clyro – 7620
Enter Shikari – 15,184

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