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Innovative Bonnaroo Trailers To Announce Line-Up

During the Spring there is an avalanche of press releases announcing festival line-ups. Soon, apart from the odd exclusive or novelty act, they stop becoming news. However, Bonnaroo in the States have innovated a nice way to announce their line-up with a combination of personalised content in a fun viral video. OK, so they’re not hilarious, but I think they do a job of holding your attention, particularly with a smartly done customisation feature which enables you to post a picture of your face in to the video.

Bonnaroo have also done a good job with a widget, with the offer of a prize draw pair of tickets to anyone who posts it on their blog. Only, they don’t have a WordPress options. Curses. A jpeg will have to do….


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This entry was posted on April 2, 2010 by in marketing.
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