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The Guardian Arts Talk – Why People Buy Tickets

On Wednesday I attended an event at The Guardian which focused on the question, ‘Why Do People Buy Tickets’?

This means, how do they learn about events? What makes them choose one event above another? What factors are most important when they decide? What is the purchase path? What carries more influence?

The survey was the result of a conversation we had with them last year. Guardian had presented to us a fascinating study which highlighted how specific people, called ‘Influencers’ were regarded within their network of family, friends and colleagues. These people would be considered expert in a certain subject, e.g. music, and so their opinion mattered more. By reaching these people marketers could use word-of-mouth marketing to promote their event.

This survey focused specifically on events and provided fascinating results. It looked at the different ways people learn about events, what they do before they buy a ticket and even what they do afterwards. For instance, 10% of people log online AFTER the event to talk about it. And yet event managers do very little to influence or encourage this once the event is over.

We will try to bring you more information over the coming weeks.


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