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Paperless Tickets Becoming More Popular At Sport Events

This story caught my eye since paperless tickets are becoming much more commonplace. Systems such as Fatsoma, Eventbrite and eTickets have been around for a while – EXIT in Serbia is powered exclusively by eTickets for instance. However, it’s interesting to see that in the US the majority of fans at an American Football playoff game now use a Paperless Ticket system. This requires a form of ID such as a credit card which is simply swiped at the gate. It works well for Sports clubs who have a ‘regular’ audience.

The problems with Paperless Tickets usually relate to the hardware required at the door, and the fear of people that they can’t give their ticket to someone in the genuine event that they can’t attend. Obviously, when you have a regular fan-base then you can invest in the hardware knowing it will be used by the same people each week. It’s not so easy for venues or festivals, but nightclubs in particular are starting to use the Fatsoma system.The ticket swapping is handled by providing an online system which enables the ticket holder to register the ticket recipient using their email address, which simply requires verification.

However, it’s interesting to see the comment at the end of the article which demonstrates there is still some way to go before everyone is happy at a paperless system.


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