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The Hop Farm Gets Festivals Back To Basics

The Hop Farm Festival (July 2nd & 3rd) is in it’s second year and came about (it claims) because when they did a survey amongst fans, it found the average festival ticket buyer felt they were at the ‘bottom of the pecking order’. So, in response, Hop Farm has no branding, no sponsorship and interestingly, no VIP area. This focuses attention back on the music and everyone there, whether you’re ticket buyer, artist or manager, will have the same experience.

When Glastonbury charge up to £7,000 for a VIP experience, including your own personal butler, this is an interesting creative idea. {THE REST OF THIS WAS EDITED THANKS TO A READER COMMENT}


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One comment on “The Hop Farm Gets Festivals Back To Basics

  1. dave chase
    April 27, 2010

    Hop Farm isn’t a Festival Republic event chaps, it’s a VPMG production.

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