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Bonnaroo Add ‘Seed Saving’ To Their Festival

It’s not often appreciated by us ‘city types’ but a lot of vegetable & plant varieties are now extremely rare. The problem is the supermarkets decide which limited range of, say, Apple, Carrot, Potato or Tomato to stock in-store and subsequently, every other variety becomes nonviable for farmers to grow.  For example, there may be over 100 indigenous variety of Apple in the UK, but only 6-7 get sold in Supermarkets. What happens to the remaining 90% is often left to fate, with some varieties becoming so rare they can become extinct, unless someone, somewhere has kept a seed. Bonnaroo has launched a ‘Seed Saving’ awareness campaign to highlight to festival goers the problem of mass-production and educate them how important it is to save and share rare seeds. It’s a worthy cause and helps to further promote Bonnaroo’s impressive ‘green’ credentials.

Incidentally, I ate Hawthorn leaf over the weekend. It tastes like strong green lettuce.


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This entry was posted on May 4, 2010 by in marketing.
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