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Music Festivals Go Local

We’ve recently reported on music festivals launching their own beer and creating specialised festival milkshakes.


In keeping with that trend, we saw Beach Break Live. This little festival has fully embraced all things local and explain their ethos as such:

“We try to approach things fairly, whether it’s how we work with the local community, suppliers, staff, our guests (the ticket holders) or how we manage our impact on the environment and wider society. For us, a fair approach is to try and contribute positively to the environment which we’re in and the people we share it with

We do this by:
1) Auditing our impact on the environment and communities, at both a local and international level

2) Reducing and mitigating negative impacts where possible

3) Compensating for negatives that we can’t remove by getting involved in positive projects

It is a journey, and in year 1 we definitely got some things wrong. However, our impact on society and the environment will remain central to how we design the event. We hope in the long run this will enable us to have a genuinely positive impact.”

This approach extends to sourcing beef and lamb from neighbourhood farms, beer from Skinner’s, a Cornwall brewery, bottled water from a Cornish spring, seafood from Cornish waters, and even toilet paper from a nearby paper recycling plant!

All helping to build better relationships with locals while promoting sustainability and reducing the event’s impact.


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