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The Importance Of ‘After The Event’ Marketing

Lately we’ve been thinking about how important it is to continue marketing after your event. So many times the same event, that for weeks has been emailing you every day, simply goes quiet afterwards. Perhaps the organisers are simply so tired they need time to recover but we think they’re missing a fantastic opportunity.

The importance of post-event marketing is clear – in a recent Guardian survey 10% of an audience will talk about an event afterwards. That is a huge amount of ‘free’ marketing since each one of those people will exert an influence on their network of friends and colleagues.

Here are 5 ideas to help market your event after it’s happened.

1 Ask for it!

Send an email right after the event, thanking people for their attendance and ask them what they thought of it. Direct them to your forum page or Facebook Wall. Ask them a couple of questions to get them started.

2. Conduct a survey

Better still, set up a survey using a website like PollDaddy. Invite people to give you their opinion on your event, both good and bad. If it’s bad, then why not email them and ask them for details? Imagine how you could turn a mini-PR problem in to an opportunity? And all that feedback may even contain some great creative ideas for future events.

3. Look for it

Use a program like Social Mention or BuzzMetrics and search out comments made about your event. If these are on a blog or Facebook you can either thank the person or ask them to elaborate. Again, the novelty of being contacted by the event organiser will likely result in a very positive response, even if their comments were originally negative.

4. Post video or photos

Most events will do this. Global Gathering go a step further and encourage their audience to upload their own photos and video from the event, generating great content. Or, Facebook could be used to allow people to tag themselves in the official photos. You can also ask your staff to write a ‘report’ about their day or perhaps an artist will contribute a feature, leading to further chatter amongst the fan-base.

5. Run a post-event competition

Extend chatter about your event by running a competition – maybe to win a pair of tickets to next year’s event. Use your website, Facebook and mailing list to promote it. It’s easy to do but more than anything, it re-engages with your audience in the crucial moments when they’re most likely to tell their friends how much they enjoyed themselves.

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Neil Cartwright founded Million Media in 2006 with the aim to help people understand digital marketing and use it to their advantage. The vision hasn't changed but the technology has.

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