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Limewire Closed – Next Target USB, IM and Bluetooth?

So Limewire has eventually been shut down. Pat on the back then to the progressives at the RIAA and another big pay cheque to the lawyers who no doubt are eagerly looking for the next target to close down.

Incidentally, I gave a lecture yesterday at South Bank Uni to 25 students and asked them how they acquired their music. Who uses a mobile or iPod-type device to play music? Every hand went up. This is an increase from even a year ago when it was still only half and half. OK, so who buys a music download at least once per week? Only ONE hand went up, and they were laughed at. What, you mean you pay? they all said to her. So, where do you get your music, I asked? They shouted out… a couple said Limewire. A couple said Spotify (which obviously is legal but they didn’t distinguish). But the vast majority? “USB!”. “Bluetooth!”. “Instant Messenger!”

So, despite spending millions of pounds of artist’s money on closing P2P networks – because the labels can’t work out a licensing framework – it turns out the vast majority of people use a plethora of devices and techniques to share music and virtually none of them can be closed or sued. Unless of course, the lawyers can convince the labels to spend artist money on the next doomed strategy

Cynical? You bet

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