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Sony Could Give Whitney’s Music Away For Free

Wouldn’t it be nice if just once, when a prominent artist passed away, the record label reduced the price of their albums to zero (maybe just for for a week) to maximise the number of people who could hear, share and enjoy their music? Incidentally, I don’t blame the person at Sony for raising the price. They thought what they were doing was right. But it’s a reflection of a corporate world where giving gifts is not a natural response.

  1. Offer her ‘Greatest Hits’ album download for free on a custom website
  2. Fan ‘Likes’ to receive it
  3. Receives download

It would be a generous gesture for an artist who generated millions of dollars for them and create an enormous sentiment of goodwill. And, my bet is, those fans who downloaded for free would subsequently want to buy far more catalogue albums in the next 12 months as they re-discover her work.

People for: Millions of fans
People against: Apple and the retailers.

Guess who will win?

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This entry was posted on February 16, 2012 by in marketing.
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