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How Musicians Can Use Pinterest

Pinterest: The Next Social Frontier for Music

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What 37 Signals Teach Us About Promotion And Audiences

I’m a huge fan and advocate of 37Signals since being told about them by The Prodigy‘s web design agency. I’ve been reading “Rework” (Amazon), written by the company’s founders, Jason … Continue reading

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Facebook’s Own Guide To Business Success

In an effort to save the hundreds of wasted hours spent setting up and attending Social Media conferences, Facebook have helpfully produced a PDF guide. Despite summarising everything in one … Continue reading

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What You Should Do When You Make One Of The Best Videos Ever

For anyone who hasn’t seen it (and eventually, you will), here is a simply stunningly, brilliant video of a guy called Isaac proposing to his fiance. I was reluctant to … Continue reading

June 1, 2012 · Leave a comment Highlights The Move Towards Niche Social Networking

A few years ago there were dozens of social networks trying to copy Myspace. Virb, iMeem, Haystack plus many more came and were subsequently wiped out by Facebook. However, as … Continue reading

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BPI Finally Says We Can Copy Our CD’s To Our Phones. Wow, Thanks BPI!

Source: Musically “BPI supports updating the copyright framework to enable legitimate uses of music, such as copying CDs onto an mp3 player or smartphone” Really?? Woahhh, thanks Geoff!! I was … Continue reading

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New Artist Highlight: Anita Maj

From Caffy St Luce, Rocklands Rocklands is a member of The Artist Network Anita Maj is a pro-active, independent, force of positivity. She is currently completing her debut album, ‘Truth … Continue reading

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