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Buzznet : Future of Social Networking

I came across Buzznet recently, a hybrid magazine/blog/trend/social network site. At it’s core, there is a team of writers who look out for new ‘Buzzes’, like fashions, upcoming artistes, video, film etc and provide entertaining content. But the site also incorporates a powerful social network which allows all the usual things then adds a lot more – for instance, it provides RSS feeds for your content turning it in to a good  blog tool. Everything can be commented on by other users and every comment is counted. So, any artist, video or post which is gaining comments is investigated by the Buzz writers who can immediately post a feature about the buzz happening… which all makes sense, doesn’t it? What truly sets it apart from MySpace, Bebo etc – who also have feature writers – is that the social network and magazine elements are interwoven so there is a constant feedback and recycling of user generated and site generated content.

I think sites like this will become far more common, and it makes sense to me for publishers such as NME, Q, Mixmag etc to move in this direction. Also, some retail sites like 7Digital or TuneTribe could incorporate some of these elements.

The site is very Californian in language, appearance and culture and the music is predominantly rock – think AFI, My Chemical Romance and H.I.M – and for this reason the only UK band I can see on there is Lost Prophets.

Well worth taking a look, Buzznet has some smart ideas, intelligent programming and a fun approach.


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This entry was posted on August 15, 2007 by in blogs, communities, music.
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